Charitable Trust

Flexible and Perpetual Giving

Flexible and Perpetual Giving

There was a time in the not so distant past where people in this country trusted one another, weren’t concerned about big brother looking over their shoulder, business was conducted with a handshake and lawsuits were few and far between. America has changed dramatically over the last 50 years and today’s prevailing mindset bears no resemblance to those of past generations. Technology has made personal and professional privacy a top priority.

The gradual change from a robust, confident, optimistic and generous society to one that’s more cautious, skeptical and less optimistic about the future has adversely affected our society on every level. The “do nothing, wait and see” mentality has taken a financial and psychological toll on individuals, small businesses and large corporations as well as the poor, middle class and the wealthy, but the sector of our society that has suffered the most are charitable and non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations.

Sadly, the solution to this unfortunate situation has existed for quite some time, but it was buried so deep in the bowels of our legal system that it was rarely used and when it was used it was used improperly. We are committed to the helping people, businesses and organizations identify beneficial federally sanctioned programs and legal instruments.  We can help you better understand your personal and business options, exercise your rights and assist you in making well informed and government approved tax saving, wealth retention, income producing and estate preservation decisions that are definitely in your best interests.

Unlike Foundations there are no strict IRC Regulations that govern the operation of the Charitable Trust. It enjoys the freedom to take donations, endowments and assets into the corpus of the Trust, invest them and grow the size of the corpus without upper limits. This generates the needed funds for the chosen projects of the Charitable Trust and keeps it solvent and growing continuously over time. The benefits and increases of the invested assets generate funds to distribute to the Beneficiaries of the Trust. The list below represents the most common reasons for setting-up Charitable Trusts by individuals and businesses:

  • Convert Appreciated Assets into Usable Form Without Consequences
  • Asset Protection from Creditors
  • Unique Resolute Provision Makes Trust Assets Judgement Proof and Not Subject to Court Ordered Turnovers
  • Avoid Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of Highly Appreciated Trust Assets
  • Tax Deduction for donations to 501(c)(3) Organizations
  • Conduct Business in Complete Privacy (No Publishing & Not Subject to Public Access)
  • Takes Advantage of an Effective Wealth Transfer Strategy
  • Freedom to Donate through designation to Any Charity or Cause that You Believe In
  • Provides for Beneficiaries’ Future financial security
  • Provides College Educations, Scholarships and other benefits for Beneficiaries
  • Promotes Ethical Giving, Compassion & Personal Values
  • Beneficiaries may be added or removed as needed

If you are looking to maximize wealth retention, reduce income, capital gains and estate taxes, avoid probate and reap the tax benefits allowed under federal law, then our Copyrighted Charitable Trust is the instrument you’ve been waiting for. Our Copyrighted Charitable Trust meets all Trust Law and Internal Revenue Service Code requirements and is in complete compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and laws.

Copyrighted Charitable Trusts – Charity that Gives Back

The Resolute Trust Package

  • All legal work to compile the Operations and Services Manual for the Business Trust

    All legal work to compile the Operations and Services Manual for the Business Trust

    " Once the property is transferred into a Spendthrift Trust Organization, it is subject to its own indenture, which governs and, protects the property held by it. The government can ONLY regulate and tax entities it creates. "

  • Preparing the copyright

    Preparing the copyright

    " The structure of the Copyright Business Trust is applicable to any type of business. For professional reasons, some businesses require that business be conducted through a Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Sole Proprietorship or other legal entity. "

  • Filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the required copyrighted material

    Filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the required copyrighted material

    " The certificate of registration is issued by the Copyright Office and is the basic copyright document establishing date of publication, author, source of underlying material, contact person, and initial owner of copyright. "

  • Independent Agent Agreements

    Independent Agent Agreements

    " The Independent Sales/Service Agents that are contracted by the Business Trust to provide services, perform sales, sell supplies, manufacture goods, resell merchandise and conduct business of any kind on behalf of the Business Trust are in total compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and completely within the law. "

  • Lease Agreements

    Lease Agreements

    " All equipment and business assets are owned by the Beneficial Trust and leased to the Business Trust are included in the Lease Agreement. "

  • Full on-going support

    Full on-going support

    " Full on-going support is provided for consultations, documents and other support services. "

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