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The continued intrusion, overregulation and complete lack of interest towards the betterment of American businesses shown by Federal and State government agencies has had a crippling effect on their ability to compete, profit and survive. The mutually beneficial relationship that existed for decades between American business and Federal agencies is but a memory for today’s business owners. Governing agencies have taken a much more adversarial position and their recent actions have done nothing to improve or alter that perception in the business community.

Federal and State agencies are systematically removing the incentives, programs and potential rewards that motivated millions of people to work hard, sacrifice much and risk everything to open their own business, take charge of their future and turn their American Dream into reality. Federal and State agencies have made it abundantly clear to American business that there are no plans in the foreseeable future for favorable state or federal taxation initiatives, profit retention legislation, cost of doing business limitations or pro-growth initiatives.

This leaves today’s business owners in a rather precarious position. When all is said and done, business owners will decide on one of the three following courses of action:

  • They will sell or liquidate because the odds of economic growth & acceptable profit margins are unrealistic based on the adverse conditions facing ownership in today’s business environment.
  • They will consciously or sub-consciously make the decision to do nothing. Hope may spring eternal, but working hard doesn’t offset the loss of owner benefits and tax incentives that they used to receive from Federal and State agencies. Over time, profitability slips away as does the possibility of simply breaking even. Increased expenses and taxes continue to grow and suck the life out of what once was a proud and profitable business. Game Over!
  • Statistics show that business owners who have found success in less than ideal circumstances have certain characteristics in common. Confidence, self-reliance, perseverance, strong beliefs and the ability to succeed where others have failed are all high on the list. These business owners make the decision to find a way to not only survive, but thrive under such adverse conditions and they found a way to do just that.

The solution for business owners came in the form of a highly specialized Copyrighted Business Trust and a series of accompanying legal documents and Proprietary Systems. The intended ramifications and expected benefits of using a Copyrighted Business Trust, Accompanying Specialized Legal Documents and Proprietary Systems include limiting liability, deferring income taxes, the elimination of withholding and employer paid Social Security benefits, eliminate unemployment tax, eliminate workman’s compensation tax, increase business profitability and the reduction or elimination of liability insurance.

New Way of Doing Business Using a Copyrighted Business Trust.

The Resolute Trust Package

  • All legal work to compile the Operations and Services Manual for the Business Trust

    All legal work to compile the Operations and Services Manual for the Business Trust

    " Once the property is transferred into a Spendthrift Trust Organization, it is subject to its own indenture, which governs and, protects the property held by it. The government can ONLY regulate and tax entities it creates. "

  • Preparing the copyright

    Preparing the copyright

    " The structure of the Copyright Business Trust is applicable to any type of business. For professional reasons, some businesses require that business be conducted through a Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Sole Proprietorship or other legal entity. "

  • Filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the required copyrighted material

    Filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the required copyrighted material

    " The certificate of registration is issued by the Copyright Office and is the basic copyright document establishing date of publication, author, source of underlying material, contact person, and initial owner of copyright. "

  • Independent Agent Agreements

    Independent Agent Agreements

    " The Independent Sales/Service Agents that are contracted by the Business Trust to provide services, perform sales, sell supplies, manufacture goods, resell merchandise and conduct business of any kind on behalf of the Business Trust are in total compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and completely within the law. "

  • Lease Agreements

    Lease Agreements

    " All equipment and business assets are owned by the Beneficial Trust and leased to the Business Trust are included in the Lease Agreement. "

  • Full on-going support

    Full on-going support

    " Full on-going support is provided for consultations, documents and other support services. "

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