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Our History

Originally designed by a Harvard attorney, licensed in Texas and New York, specializing in trusts, estates, and taxation, and a Judge in Texas, our Copyrighted Spendthrift Trust is especially popular with business owners, professionals, physicians, athletes, entertainers, holders of mineral rights and others with significant exposure to lawsuits, since the trust is a deterrent to being sued and provides asset protection.

The Trust was designed with consideration to the recognized works of Professor Austin Scott, author of the definitive law on trusts, titled “Scott on Trust”, and updated for compliance with the Uniform Trust Code and the Restatement Third of Trusts.

Our Copyright Spendthrift Trusts are in compliance with all Internal Revenue Service Statutes and Codes on Estates, Trusts and Beneficiaries, as well as with “Scott on Trust”, the Uniform Trust Code and the Restatement Third of Trust. Relevant IRS code sections are Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, subchapter 1, Part 1, Sections 59, 67, 543, 553, 927 Subpart A Section 641; Section 643, Subparts A, B, C and D, and including Section 651, Sections 672, 673, 674, 675, 676, 677 and 678. The Spendthrift Trust is recognized by the IRS as a complex, discretionary non-grantor irrevocable Trust. This Trust is designed to be recognized by the IRS as a legitimate Trust under the IRC.

Because of key factors and characteristics, The Resolute Trusts have become the ideal entity for asset protection and tax planning. Our copyrighted trust provides tax advantages and ease of management that meets the requirements and standards necessary to enjoy these advantages.

Designed for those clients who have the most to protect.

Resolute Trust

The Resolute Trusts are designed for those clients who have the most to protect, either now or in the future, and the susceptibility to liability that goes along with their success.

Once exclusively the asset protection and management vehicle of choice for captains of industry and the most prominent wealthy families in the United States, the Resolute Trusts is designed for those whose lifework has earned them significant assets and for those who plan to accumulate estates of means.

Copyrighted Trusts Designed For Your Specific Needs

Advanced Trusts


Business Trust

"A New Way of Doing Business"

Become one of the very few with the character and vision to structure themselves, their businesses and their futures in the most profitable, secure and legal manner available in the society of today.



Retirement Trust

Reduce Income Taxes and Maintain Your Privacy

The Resolute Trust is designed for those whose lifework has earned them significant assets and for those who plan to accumulate estates of means.



Real Estate Trust

The foundation of the American Dream

Real Estate has historically been a sound long term investment and the tax benefits and incentives are the fuel that keeps the Real Estate and Homeownership engines running.



Charitable Trust

Flexible and Perpetual Giving

Hopeful and optimistic societies tend to rally around one another, and donate accordingly. The financial and philanthropic benefits of our Trust are extensive and well documented.


A Partner You Can Trust

“… the reason they don’t like the IRS is they don’t know the rules. I love the IRS!!! Once you know the rules, it works.”

Plan Estates and Asset Protection Beforehand

The best time for estate planning and asset protection is NOW, before a crisis overtakes you. The Spendthrift Trust Organization provides a sure and safe road to freedom providing the ultimate in tax advantages, asset protections, and privacy. Spendthrift Trust Organizations have been one of the best-kept secrets of wealthy, financially sophisticated Americans for years. Now they are available to all everyone.

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