Beneficial Trust

Our Trusts were written to comply with Scott on Trust Law, the Restatement of Trusts, and the Internal Revenue Code. This was done so the Trust corpus would be protected from turn over orders by any court or judge, with the exception of fraudulent conveyance.

The uses for our Trusts are many and varied. In addition to regular beneficiaries, Trusts care for beneficiaries that are minor children; disabled, comatose and completely incapacitated and incompetent persons; and those who desire higher educations.

The Trustee(s) of the Trust, in the Trustee’s absolute and sole discretion, may pay any principal or income applicable to the use of a minor to the parent or guardian, to a person having care and control of such minor, or directly to such minor; or the Trustee(s) may apply the same for the minor’s benefit. The funds must always be paid on behalf of the minor to avoid income being declared by the minor, if applicable.

Whenever the Trustee(s) is authorized or directed to make a distribution to a beneficiary who is younger than 21 years of age; is incapacitated; or who is, in Trustee(s) opinion, unable to manage the distribution properly, the Trustee(s) may either make the distribution or retain the amount to be distributed in any manner Trustee may determine advisable, including any of the methods set forth in the following Section. The Trustee(s), before making a distribution to a beneficiary and to the extent that it is both reasonable and possible, must consider the ability in which the beneficiary has demonstrated the management of prior distributions of trust property.

The Trustee(s) may distribute or retain trust property in any one, or more, of the following methods for the benefit of any beneficiary subject to the provisions of the Trust:

  • Distribution to Beneficiary
  • Distribution to Guardian or Conservator or Family Member
  • Distribution to Custodian
  • Distribution to Other Persons or Entities
  • Distribution to Agent under Durable Power of Attorney
  • Retention in Trust

New Way of Doing Business Using a Copyrighted Business Trust.

The Resolute Trust Package

  • All legal work to compile the Operations and Services Manual for the Business Trust

    All legal work to compile the Operations and Services Manual for the Business Trust

    " Once the property is transferred into a Spendthrift Trust Organization, it is subject to its own indenture, which governs and, protects the property held by it. The government can ONLY regulate and tax entities it creates. "

  • Preparing the copyright

    Preparing the copyright

    " The structure of the Copyright Business Trust is applicable to any type of business. For professional reasons, some businesses require that business be conducted through a Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Sole Proprietorship or other legal entity. "

  • Filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the required copyrighted material

    Filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the required copyrighted material

    " The certificate of registration is issued by the Copyright Office and is the basic copyright document establishing date of publication, author, source of underlying material, contact person, and initial owner of copyright. "

  • Independent Agent Agreements

    Independent Agent Agreements

    " The Independent Sales/Service Agents that are contracted by the Business Trust to provide services, perform sales, sell supplies, manufacture goods, resell merchandise and conduct business of any kind on behalf of the Business Trust are in total compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and completely within the law. "

  • Lease Agreements

    Lease Agreements

    " All equipment and business assets are owned by the Beneficial Trust and leased to the Business Trust are included in the Lease Agreement. "

  • Full on-going support

    Full on-going support

    " Full on-going support is provided for consultations, documents and other support services. "

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